Skin Booster

Demei Shine Booster

Hyaluronic Acid

DEMEI™ Shine Booster is a skin revitalization product with pure non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid used for rejuvenation.

4.0mL x 5vials

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Demei shine booster
Demei shine booster
Demei shine booster
Demei shine booster
Demei shine booster
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  • DEMEI™'s Hyaluronic acid which is the form of transparent gel moisturizes the skin and increases elasticity and tension. It also restores normal water-oil balance of the skin, improving dry and loosened skin.

    • Safe PDRN ingredient
    We have our own production facilities and technologies from cultivating raw materials and extracting them to producing complete products. We have technologies that can produce PDRN raw materials and complete products (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics). Hi-quality purified PDRN is made with safe and uniform quality with standardized farming system of sea trout.

    • All technologies from PDRN raw material medicine extraction
    DEMEI™’s PDRN starts from farming of sea trout. Exclusive PDRN separate purification method is used from BGMP that can manage raw materials and quality and track its production history. PDRN is separated by directly farming raw materials, so it is more stable and reliable technology.

  • • Sodium Hyaluronate : 0.5%
    • Packaging : 4.0mL x 5vials

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