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Exo'One - 1BOX(4SET)

Exosome Solution

Exo’One is a professional cosmetic treatment using PURE exosomes for skin rejuvenation, elasticity, hydration and anti-inflammation. Made by JDBIO Korean company

Pure EXO 50mg x 1vial
Sterilized HA 5ml x 1vial
2vials x box

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Exo One
Exo One
Exo One
Exo One
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  • Powerful performance with 6 billion particles of extracellular vesicles.

    Exo'One is an exosome product that contains 2 billion highly purified Exosomes derived from human stem cells, which provide a safe and powerful regenerating effect and the highest permeability rate and delivery of substances directly to the skin cells.

     skin regeneration
     Elasticity effect
     Skin barrier strengthening
    • Whitening
    • Hair loss prevention

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